Primary Math Games – Attitude and Mastery

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Hello, Cassandra is back yet again – This time to talk about the attitude of a Primary Math Games player. If you would like to jump straight to the game that fully changed my attitude towards math,  click here.

The Attitude before playing Primary Math Games

Recently I got an email from a little girl, she was talking about how excited she is about math, and how she can’t wait to be a master of maths. With that kind of attitude there is no way you can fail math. You must have the correct attitude towards math, otherwise it is quite difficult to be a master of math. When I was younger, I hated math, and was no where near being a Primary Math Games Player, so obviously, you can imagine how my math grades were – Yep. They were absolutely disastrous. My parents weren’t quite so happy with me and my math grades.

What Happened To The Primary Math Games Master?

The Primary Math Games Player

I haven’t actually played MathRider in a while after I mastered it. When I mastered MathRider, I thought That’s it. I’ve mastered it a few times already and I’m a master of it and will never need to do it again. But, when I decided to try out MathRider again a few days ago, I found that I really wasn’t a master anymore, and I would really need to brush up on my addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills so that I would remain a master forever.

As with everything in life, if you stop practicing, you wont be a master anymore. So, I re-mastered MathRider again, and I learned that it is actually useful to do it


Success of a Primary Math Games Player

So now, I always practice MathRider once in a while to make sure that I’m still a master and don’t forget any of it.

A Primary Math Game Player

When I mastered the game, was again a Master of Maths, I thought to myself I’ll always be a master, if I practice once every few weeks.
Attitude is very important when practicing math, if you keep thinking Its Crap, it will become more and more crap. I used to think like that. This math game helped me: MathRider. It helped me to understand that math really isn’t crap. Math is a game. Math is a puzzle and a heroic quest. So, every few weeks or so, I play the Primary Math Game.

Whenever I feel myself forgetting any of the important subtraction or addition questions, or it takes me a bit longer to think of, I practice MathRider, to keep my math skills fresh and master the Primary Math Game, MathRider.

I hope I helped you and your children on the quest to finding the perfect math game.

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Primary Math Games – The story of how I turned my math around

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Hi, Cassandra here – this website is about how I transformed my math grades by playing a single, inexpensive  fun primary math game!

If you want to jump straight to the game that made me the happiest child in the world, click the following link for the Best Primary Math Game

My Story

I still remember when I was at the bottom of the class. I was always getting screamed at and I would feel really bad. The worst that I ever felt, was when I was bottom of the class. My teacher was even suggesting that I repeat the year (this was in grade 3). Because  I never had any idea what was going on. Whether your child is in a similar position or not, if they still needs to master their basic math, I think it would be good to start sooner rather than later, before it affects their self-confidence the way it did affect mine.

My parents always worried and I knew it, which made me feel even worse. I would try to make them feel better. But all it did was make them even more worried. They would get me to play many math games to make math practice less of a pain.  But every math game I played, I would play for only five minutes. And then walk away, because the games were stupid (why do you always have to fight stuff?) or because they just made me feel how much I didn’t know.

A Primary Math Game That Really Helped Me

Mathrider main screenThen one day we stumbled upon Mathrider, my favorite primary math game.
At first I thought MathRider was another stupid game, but when I tried it, I loved it. I got to ride a horse instead of battling ogres. When I finished my first quest, I felt very proud because I got such a beautiful reward. But when I got my first 100% mastery reward for addition, I jumped so high that I was surprised I didn’t hit the roof! That is how happy I was!

And I STILL feel proud of that. Imagine what I was like when I got 100% in addition, subtraction, multiplication, AND division! I was the happiest child in the world! Now I am in grade 6 and I just got a B+ for mathematics in my latest report!

The Best Primary Math Game

MathRider is full of really nice stories that I really enjoyed. The stories in MathRider are really imaginative, full of elves, good and bad kings, unicorns and tons of magic, along with fun and heroic characters. I especially love the horse, Shadow.  If I were to make a primary math game, I would make it just like MathRider. The practice itself is never too hard and not too easy, and I could always see my progress, which really helped me a lot. When you get something wrong, it’s not so bad, and you get a chance to get it right almost straightaway. The only down side I can think of is that I would love to get more lands to ride through, and more magical stories instead of repeating the ones that we have already made. And I really love the rewards I get at the end of the quests and how they build up over time, as you get better and better.

Here’s a little video I made with me talking about the game:


Here is the link if you want to check it out:

MathRider primary math game

I hope I helped you and your kids on your quest to finding a primary math game that really works and is fun to play, too.


The Best Primary Math Game

Math Practice

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I used to be so bad at maths, it was unbelievable, I did not even know my addition tables. I tried Mathletics, for a while it was kinda cool, but then, it didn’t really help me with my maths. All it did was make me mad at the people I was competing against or something.

After a while, I stumbled upon MathRider, a fun math game. The first fun math game I had ever played. MathRider helped me with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is amazing how the MathRider people made MathRider. MathRider was made because one parent had trouble getting his kid to play math games, so he decided to make his own game and called it MathRider because his child loved adventure and horses. After his child mastered and re-mastered the game, he decided to put it onto the internet so that everyone that is in the same position, could have their child master maths in a fun way. And very soon after I started to play MathRider, I became a master of Maths!

I became really proud of myself when I completed the fun quests. The quests included finding the medicine to cure your mothers sickness, returning a gem to the elves to stop the world from collapsing into a cloud of darkness, delivering an important letter to the king, and rescuing the princess of Bluemoon Kingdom. MathRider is definitely my favorite math game… Simply because it made me feel proud of myself.


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Success with Math Games

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Every parent dreams of having their child get a good job and earning money easily. But how many children actually get that dream fulfilled? I would think that most children DON’T get that dream fulfilled. All the children that do, however, would most probably be very happy about it.

Why I created this website was so that I could help parents and children fulfill the dream and be free. I would think an essential subject for free families would be maths, correct? I would definitely think so, based on my own experience.

I used to be really bad at primary math and even though my parents made me practice addition, times tables and all that, I just couldn’t get it right.  My test results were bottom of the class and homework was torture.  I felt really bad.

This website is about how it turned around for me and how I became confident about math and school work in general.  And you guessed it, it worked using math practice games.  One in particular as you’ll find out.

I hope you enjoy this site.  Drop me a line through the contact page.


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