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Hacked By Imam

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Hacked By Imam with Love

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Math Practice

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I used to be so bad at maths, it was unbelievable, I did not even know my addition tables. I tried Mathletics, for a while it was kinda cool, but then, it didn’t really help me with my maths. All it did was make me mad at the people I was competing against or something.

After a while, I stumbled upon MathRider, a fun math game. The first fun math game I had ever played. MathRider helped me with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is amazing how the MathRider people made MathRider. MathRider was made because one parent had trouble getting his kid to play math games, so he decided to make his own game and called it MathRider because his child loved adventure and horses. After his child mastered and re-mastered the game, he decided to put it onto the internet so that everyone that is in the same position, could have their child master maths in a fun way. And very soon after I started to play MathRider, I became a master of Maths!

I became really proud of myself when I completed the fun quests. The quests included finding the medicine to cure your mothers sickness, returning a gem to the elves to stop the world from collapsing into a cloud of darkness, delivering an important letter to the king, and rescuing the princess of Bluemoon Kingdom. MathRider is definitely my favorite math game… Simply because it made me feel proud of myself.


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Success with Math Games

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Every parent dreams of having their child get a good job and earning money easily. But how many children actually get that dream fulfilled? I would think that most children DON’T get that dream fulfilled. All the children that do, however, would most probably be very happy about it.

Why I created this website was so that I could help parents and children fulfill the dream and be free. I would think an essential subject for free families would be maths, correct? I would definitely think so, based on my own experience.

I used to be really bad at primary math and even though my parents made me practice addition, times tables and all that, I just couldn’t get it right.  My test results were bottom of the class and homework was torture.  I felt really bad.

This website is about how it turned around for me and how I became confident about math and school work in general.  And you guessed it, it worked using math practice games.  One in particular as you’ll find out.

I hope you enjoy this site.  Drop me a line through the contact page.


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