Times Tables Practice

fun with times tables

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Meow, I can so relate to this bunch of kittens and their horror about impending doom aka times tables practice. The whole exasperation and shock that I had to practice something as weird and non-life as times tables was beyond me.

I mean, hey, my life is supposed to be play, relaxation and generally good food. Where in there does times tables practice come in?

I’m older now and I can see why these things are important. But when I had to actually do them, I could not see the point. It was good for my grades at school, but still, times tables were not interesting.

If you (or your kids) can relate to that, pass it on. Either for a laugh or for awareness to please have some mercy with us if we’re not quite as ‘fired up’ for our times tables as you might like us to be 🙂

I promise it’ll be better tomorrow. Or the day after. I’ll even eat those vegetables.

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